Raindrop Radio
about us

A fresh station, with new ideas, new (and old) music, new (and some very experienced) DJs.

Daytime, you can expect a wide range of music from the 70s right up to date and in the evenings, a more up-beat selection to get you in the mood for partying, featuring some of the best house and dance DJs from across the globe.

At the moment we are not recruiting but if you're interested in joining us please  follow us on Facebook where we will post when we are:

MEET our
Simon H

Based in Yorkshire, I mainly play House (Funky/Disco & Tech), but will do the odd Indie and Hip Hop show too.

Arguably one of the least experienced DJs on Raindrop Radio but I've a passion and drive which resulted in me setting up the station, along with Steve James and the growth has been amazing, creating a platform and playground for some of the best DJs around.

Follow Simon on Mixcloud

Dani Billington
dj kendel
DJ Kendel started on the underground pirate radio stations such as Paradox 106.2 and early Kiss FM and then steadily worked his way through legendary events such as World dance, Rain dance and Roast mixing hardcore vinyl.

As the rave culture was broken down Kendel then moved into trance, deep house and funky house, resident spells were enjoyed at Trader Jacks, Davinchis and Atomics in the late 90s while enjoying guest spots north and south of the UK at places such as Fabric, SW1, The Cross, AKA at the End, The Crypt and even Turnmills in north London. Recently returned from Dubai after residencies at Apres and Soho G, these days he his happiest when in the home studio.

Jamie Smith Mr Pang
Mr Pang

Based in Somerset, Mr. Pang has over 30 years of DJing experience in his locker. Originally a Techno DJ, he has moved through all the dance music genres with wanton abandon. The former owner of the 'no speed limit' rave company High Risk now finds himself playing what ever he wants for Raindrop Radio.

Tommy Ingram
papa tom
Introduced to house music in 1987 in the West of Scotland, before the scene had landed here. The new music from Chicago was only played on the odd night in some dodgy clubs, but I got it.

In 1989, Streetrave held its first "Rave" at the pavillion in Ayr.

10th Sep '89 will be etched in my memory forever, the day I knew this was going to be with me forever.

30+ years on, after numerous nights, weekenders and parties I decided to "have a go". I bought a controller and spent many an night playing some of my favourite tunes. I still do, I love the music, I love the way it makes me feel, I love the way it makes other people feel...

We are all one nation under a groove....

DJ Jon

Based in Manchester, UK, DJ Jon (AKA Padsbrother) has been a radio DJ for two years.

Building on a deep rooted love of music across all genres. There's nothing Jon likes more than pulling together a playlist of tracks for the next radio show with an aim of having something there for everyone!  Tune in for  a truly unique sense of chaos!


DJ Bruise Lee
dj bruise lee
In the 90’s Lee was a legend in his bedroom, spending vast sums on vinyl. Then, real life relegated the Technics and it took a pandemic to rekindle his love for DJ’ing. 30 years on, technology has changed, but the passion still burns strong. These days Bruise spins just about anything, focusing on disco and tech house
Rich Baker
RIch T
In the 90s I held a couple of resident spots playing US House and I'd DJ at the occasional house party. Sensible life took the better of me and I pretty much gave it up until just before COVID when some friends were throwing a Glastonbury event in their garden and I offered to play some tunes.  That reignited my love of DJ'ing and its consumed me (in a nice way) ever since! I now enjoy playing Vocal, Funky, Deep and Tech House. 

"This is my House"
Dan and El
El Dano's

A duo based in Suffolk, we have been a couple of house music lovers for many years. 

Dan started as a 16 year old with a set of 1210s and has DJ’d for many years.

El has always been the dancer until the beats came together a few years ago to create ‘El Dano’s’.

Now playing alongside each other, we specialise in Uplifting House, Nu Disco & Funky Beats.

DJ SimonB

Based in London. Got my first set of Pioneer decks in late 2022 and have been mixing ever since. Played a couple of sets at a bar in Ibiza, in August 23, with my joining Raindrop Radio shortly after.

I love mixing up House, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal/Deep Tech, and Progressive House. I am also exploring Nu Disco, after seeing the genius of Purple Disco Machine playing live.

You can find my mixes at www.soundcloud.com/dj-simonb 

Dave Morris
dave voyage
Barnsley based Progressive House/melodical techno DJ that 1st bought and played vinyl over 3 decades ago. Played various clubs and pirate radio (fantasy F.M SCR) under the name DJ RISKE. Covered most styles of dance music from deep house to Gangster DNB..."Ain't a dance genre I ain't spent my entire weekly wage on" 

 Music IS the answer to your questions !!

James Lopez

DJing since the early 90's starting with Jungle and house before the emergence of UKG. Co-founder of Hertfordshire's iconic pirate radio station Prestige FM, Lopez also played regular sets in the late 90's and early 00's at various clubs throughout the Home Counties and London, warming up for some of the pioneers of the UK Garage scene. After a lengthy spell away from the scene, and partly thanks to the emergence of a new and evolved wave of UKG, Lopez has rekindled his passion and is back to doing what he enjoys most.

Bryan Ketler
D3D Drop (Dead Drop)
Bio: Bryan was born and raised on dance music. From following around his Uncle who was a DJ to falling in love with all things electronic in the 80’s. His journey into DJing started in high school when he would borrow his uncles dj gear to play music at parties. But it was attending his first rave party in Orlando FLA in 1993 that  gave him a desire to spin house and eventually breakbeat. He’s played all over Ohio and North Carolina and with Raindrop Radio now all over the world. He hopes to not only bring music to the masses but to educate about that music as well.
Ade Arkley
The Get Down with Ade Arkley is 90 minutes of the dreamiest funk and soul to get your weekend started in the appropriate manner.  At 5.30pm on certain Fridays, Ade mixes lots of brand new along with the lovingly familiar. For reasons unclear there is usually some flute. 
Rob Aquiar
rob fr3sh
DJ Rob Fr3sh, hailing from the vibrant DJ scene of Tampa, Florida, discovered his passion for the craft at a young age during a block party in his hometown of New York. Intoxicated by the beats and infectious energy, he fell in love with how music influenced the crowd. With a specialized focus on Progressive House, Deep House, Big room, Hip Hop, and Reggae, Rob has honed his skills to curate electrifying sets that transcend genres and ignite dance floors. Let’s get Fr3sh!
Kyle Beasley
I’m Beatzley, located in Leicester, started DJing during lockdown as it had always been a passion so decided it was time and haven’t looked back since. 

You can hear me playing all things House - anything with a funky beat

Christian aka DJ PEX, started off mixing in the mid 90’s playing jungle, UK Garage and through the years moved through genres from Drum & Bass to house music.  Working  with various artists from all over the UK and featuring on several tracks and albums in selling nationally, playing underground gigs and even producing a few tracks.  Bringing the garage style DJ EZ type of mixing to House music and playing anything with bass. Check iTunes for historical album mixes etc.  Now playing basslines of every variety on Raindrop Radio, a treat for you sub woofers!



Based just a few miles south of Manchester, DJ Cow has a (long since forgotten) history of DJing Indie and Alternative nights at local clubs and pubs in the early 90’s. Now reborn and reimagined in the guise of Prog/Psyche/Post-rock/Shoegazer, he brings his new show to Raindrop Radio. 

Follow DJ Cow on X/Twitter - @djcowbrown

Dj kaspersky

DJ Kaspersky from Bialystok, Poland.  Graduate of the Academy of Journalism and Sound Production with a specialisation in sound production. Playing mostly house, dance and EDM, but sometimes some techno and trance too. I like to mix genres!

Keiran Hostead

20 year old, Grimsby born, Leeds-based Tech House DJ ⚡️

Instagram: @khostead

Contact: keiran.hostead@gmail.com.

toto h / dj at

I'm Toto, AKA DJ AT, based in West Yorkshire, with over 10 years' experience in performing and composing music, playing mainly house, hip-hop, and '90s indie, with a bit of other stuff here and there.

Daz Glaser
Daz Glaser

Daz started DJing and producing music following the mad Hacienda and Shelly’s scene in the early 90’s. He loves playing an electrifying blend of deep, funky house and techno, and of course the old skool classics from back in the day. Dan also loves reggae and infusing his performances with the high-energy beats of jungle to create a diverse and dynamic soundscape.

Currently he's a resident DJ at Proper Sound in sunny Macclesfield and regular at the Cave's Funky Fridays. Daz can't wait to share his tunes with you and hope you enjoy it as much as he does!

MarK Perrin

Mark is a self taught DJ, starting out on vinyl as an old school UKG DJ, back in 1998, but now focusese on DJing Tech & Progressive House.

Past gigs over the years include a residency at local sports bar, VIP Room at various weekenders, bars in Leicester Square, a couple of internet radio stations and various local bars.

England, scotland, USA, Sweden, poland